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Add Purchase Protection and get a 100% refund of your purchase if a qualifying unforeseen circumstance prevents you from attending this event. Covers illness, injury, transportation problems, emergencies and more.*

For $5.00, I will get a refund for my purchase should I be prevented from attending the event due to a qualifying unforeseen circumstance. I agree to the Terms and Conditions
I understand that if I am prevented from attending the event because of an unforeseen circumstance I won’t get a refund of my purchase.

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Purchase Protection is a service offered by Purchase Protection LLC. Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. It is a service that will refund you 100% of your event fees, taxes and dues should you be prevented by unforeseen circumstances from attending the event. Purchase Protection does not apply to, and will not reimburse, merchandise purchases and charitable donations. Purchase Protection fees will be charged as a separate transaction. Any changes made to your order will not change the amount covered in this agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are tickets refundable?

Ticket sales are 100% refundable only if you select the Purchase Protection option at checkout. A refund will only be granted for a qualifying circumstance, with a full list of what is and what is not considered a qualifying circumstance listed here: Purchase Protection cannot be added onto your order later, it must be purchased at the time of your original checkout. If you do not select Purchase Protection, all of your purchases are non-refundable.

Are masks required?

We highly encourage masks to be worn at all times, but it is not required for entry into the event.

Do I need to print out my tickets or can I show them on my phone?

We do suggest you print out your tickets if possible, as this will guarantee your entry into the event. Tickets scanned from your mobile device may not work due to screen brightness, scratches or other outside factors. If you do not have a printer, take a screen shot of each QR Square Barcode and save it to your photos. This will make it easier for you to locate your tickets, as cell service may be limited at the event day of show.

Can I buy tickets at the gate day of show?

Yes, but tickets are more expensive at the gate day of show, and are limited in supply. The only way to guarantee your entry into the show is to buy tickets online in advance. Cash, credit and debit card are accepted at the gate day of show.

Does my 2 or younger child need a ticket?

Children ages 2 and younger DO NOT need an admission ticket to the event.

Children ages 2 and young DO NEED A TICKET to enjoy the Fun Zone or Monster Truck Ride.

What is the event address? Do you have directions?

Speedway 95 is located at 1070 Odlin Road, Hermon Maine, just outside of beautiful Bangor!

Are there assigned seats? I want to make sure I get a good view!

Seating is General Admission except for VIP Monster Experience which has it's own designated seating area. All seating is first come, first serve. We do suggest arriving early to enjoy the Fun Zone Track Party, stock up on the latest merchandise, and grab your favorite seat. We do encourage you to bring a lawn chair or blanket if you want to socially distance from the grandstand area.

What if it rains?

These All Star Monster Trucks aren't afraid of a little mud, so the show is rain or shine, the wetter the better! Rain will not force a postponement or cancellation of any event. In case of severe weather (such a tornado/hurricane warnings, heavy lightning activity or other Acts of God) we will notify ticket holders via e-mail of event schedule changes. In the case of severe weather during the event, we will notify fans to evacuate the grandstands if necessary. If the event reaches the half way point of the show, no refunds are given. If the show does not reach the half way point of the event, a 50% refund of your admission tickets will be credited.

What is the "Fun Zone Track Party"? Can I see the trucks up close?

The Fun Zone Track Party goes on 2 hours before each show and is your exclusive access onto the  track to see the 10,000 pound All Star Monster Trucks up close! Plus your kids can play with our Monster Masher Toys, and enjoy the excitement of our Monster BOUNCE HOUSE! Fun Zone Track Party Pass can be purchased in addition to your event ticket. **Parents must also purchase a Fun Zone Track Party Pass to accompany children into the area for safety.**

I want to ride in a monster truck! Tell me more!

Monster Truck Rides inside the IDENTITY THEFT monster ride experience will be available before each show, during intermission, and after the show. There is no age or height requirement. Monster Truck Rides will take you all over the course and over some dirt roller hills. Monster Truck Rides are available for EVERYONE (not just VIPs). Monster Truck Rides are available for purchase online or at the event day-of-show directly at the monster ride experience. All ages must purchase a monster ride truck ticket (this includes children 2 and under).

What is the VIP Ultimate Monster Experience?

Pay 1 price and get the entire VIP treatment. Each VIP ticket gets 30 minute early grandstand access with first choice seating, 1 free Fun Zone Track Party Pass with 30-minute early VIP exclusive access, 1 free Monster Ride Experience with FAST PASS lane access, a custom VIP Lanyard and ID card and more. VIP pricing applies to all ages 3+, ages 2-under are free for VIP but must sit in a parents lap for the monster ride and for the show. VIP must be purchased by your entire group, you cannot buy VIP only for your children and not for the Adults in your group.

How long does the show last?

Our events typically last around 1.75 to 2 hours, including an intermission break.

Am I allowed to smoke or vape?

No smoking or vaping is allowed in the grandstand area or anywhere inside the Fun Zone Track Party. We do ask that if you need to smoke or vape, you do so behind the main grandstand at least 10 feet away from other attendees. No marijuana, CBD pens or any other controlled substance is allowed on the property.

Where do I park?

Please follow the signs and parking attendants on-site. Parking fees may be required to support the local groups assisting in parking for the event.

Do you have food and drinks for sale at the event?

Yes! This event will feature concessions provided by Speedway 95.

What can and can't I bring to the event?

You CAN bring:

- Car seats or strollers (we do ask that you park strollers in a secure location that does not block the view of other spectators)

- Chairs or blankets to enjoy social distance seating

- Baby food or formula

You CANNOT bring:

- Firearms or other weapons

Any other information you can share?

Your ticket grants you admission into the venue only, and does not guarantee you a seat. Seating is first come first serve. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable unless Purchase Protection is selected at the time of checkout and a qualifying circumstance occurs. Loud noise, exhaust fumes, flying dirt, dust, mud, rock and/or small pieces of rubber or metal could become airborne during the event. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to be aware of surroundings at all times and ticket holder is aware of accepts these risks by entering the facility. By entering the facility you are aware that this is a mass gathering and it is your own personal responsibility to socially distance yourself and keep good hygiene to avoid the spread of COVID-19. This is a rain or shine event, in case of severe weather, a postponed event date may be used, and all ticket holders must attend the postponed event date, no refunds.


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